Here at Windy Valley Dexters.

We produce quiet, colorful and practical hobby farm cattle for small acreages.

The Dexter is a purebred originating from Ireland. Dexters are a dual purpose (and considered by some as ‘triple purpose’) breed and known for their gorgeous creamy Jersey style milk that is becoming famous for making delicious yogurt, butter and soft cheeses like brie. Dexter’s commonly carry the A2 gene which is an easier to digest milk then regular store bought (A1) milk.

Dexters make great dairy house cows for hobby farmers and people wanting to be self sufficient on small acreages.

Being triple purpose also means, as side from being both a Dairy and Beef breed they are quiet, sturdy and strong enough to be used as Oxen. There is increasing interest in Dexter’s for ‘Bullock Teams’ for event enthusiasts due to their sturdy stature and intelligent and quiet disposition.

Cows, heifers and steers all make lovely companion animals and lawn mowers.

They are low maintenance and naturally disease resistant. It is easily achievable to carry 1 Dexter per 2 fertile acres. Dexters are sought out for their amazing fine marbled, tender and juicy meat and deposits for Dexter steers are taken at time of birth so reserve yours now!

Why To Buy a Dexter? They are small (naturally miniature cattle), eat less, need less acreage, they are easy calvers, great milk producers, they have strong constitutions thus, healthy and make stupendous, tender, freezer friendly cuts of meat. They are fabulous companion animals for horses, goats, sheep etc., and great lawn mowers. The list goes on!

Windy Valley Dexter Stud is also the home of Mansfield Sports Acupuncture located in Piries (Mansfield), Victoria