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'Windy Valley
Dexter Stud'
in Kilmore, Victoria
DCAI member# 12399
Specializing in House Dairy Cows
At Windy Valley Dexter Stud we specialize in producing beautiful colored, quiet natured top quality Dexter Stud Stock and dairy house cows as commercial Dexters. Dexters available come in a range of colors from Dun (most rare), to Reds and Blacks (most common). Our house cows are pretty, functional and very tame. We strive our best to keep with all the necessary dairy characteristics required to make a good house cow including good temperaments and conformation. Grass fed beef steers are available for those desiring to be self sufficient, healthy and wanting to save money on their grocery bills or - simply wanting some nice looking quiet companion animals or lawn mowers.
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 What attracted us to Dexters?

We have been into horses for over 30 years but we decided to get into Dexters specifically for the reason that they are a low maintenance, practical, useful and versatile breed. They have a reputation for a higher then average Eye Muscle Area and finely marbled meat and this tickled our fancy!                                                                                          
We liked the idea of having our own dairy cows. Being that my mother was Dutch we grew up with a Jersey cow and experienced the joys and benefits of having a house cow. We did however want more of a dual purpose cow as with having milk-  means calves that we may have to eat later on and Jersey steers do not have much meat BUT DEXTER STEERS DO! We wanted to grow our own meat and make our own cheese, butter and milk YUM!
Supermarket meat is expensive and also not very nice. The meat is stringy, tough and pumped with hormones and who knows what else. What kind of life did that steer have? We want to know what we are eating, we want to know it had a good and happy life (a happy steer, actually makes better meat. Check this fact with Live Stock Australia if you don't believe us :-)
So here we are and loving it,
The Virgo Family of Windy Valley Dexter Stud
Kilmore, Victoria, 3764
(03) 5784 2008
04 3881 5167
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The Colours of Windy Valley


Practical, dual purpose and easy to manage. Check out our; Why To Buy a Dexter page

'Kinnaird Caelan' our rare,

double polled multi national

champion bull


Being Homozygous polled (also referred
to as 'Double Polling') ensures no horned
No messy and horrible de horning.
Go to;Dexter Bulls to find out more about
the mighty Caelan

Mom's and Auntie's at Windy Valley


To find out more about our breeding  stock and where it all begins read an expose on each of our girls; Go to;
 Our Dexter Cows 

Lots of attention to future




Halter training starts early at Windy
Valley. We interact with our calves early
on so they start life being used to humans
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